Tuesday, April 05, 2011

To the Net


Um. Yesterday was a wash.

I never regained any sense of normalcy after that glucose tolerance test and nap.  I pretty much gave up on the day when I awoke to the kids coming home from school. 

We ordered pizza for dinner, and I sat in a daze most of the evening watching UConn take the NCAA Basketball Championship

Then I counted my winnings!

And my family cursed me for it. 

What can I say?  I know how to pick a winning basketball team.

Speaking of basketball. 

Grace and Alex finished off their seasons a few weeks ago and are going through withdrawals. 

Somehow they convinced their father to put a basketball court in the backyard. 

I find this mildly hilarious. 

My husband is fantastic at a lot of things, but "handy" is not one of them.  This project should be rather interesting.

I'm afraid my backyard might just look like this for the rest of the year.