Wednesday, April 06, 2011

28 Weeks????

Whoo Hoo!  I'm officially in the third trimester...the trimester that lasts FOREVER!

This entire pregnancy has been great.  Almost too good.  Which is why I'm certain these last few months will be hell.

I'm still feeling, um, great.  Which has me wondering if I really, truly am 28 weeks pregnant.

Here's why:
  • No weight gain.  Still down 2 pounds from first appointment at 14 weeks (please don't punch me in the face)
  • Baby is measuring small (note: last 3 babies were not the least bit)
  • Very little pregnancy related symptoms
My OB is becoming concerned with my weight.  I am the only person I know who loses weight when pregnant.  The baby is gaining just fine but I'm measuring 26 inches at 28 weeks.

I eat ALL. THE. TIME.  Seriously...I just finished half a bag of Cheetos in the time it took me to type this much.

So, my unprofessional opinion on this whole matter is that I'm 26 weeks and not really, actually in my third trimester yet.

Which means instead of a late June due date we are looking more at early July.  July 6th to be specific.

In other pregnancy related news, the glucose tolerance test came back normal but my iron is low. 

It is now a full week into April and I've bought a whole 2 items for this baby 1) newborn diapers (because I had a coupon) 2) a lady bug lovie (the kids picked out).

I've changed my mind and decided to wait until May 1st to go on my baby shopping frenzy.  First of all, I've been spending money like crazy on other things.  Secondly, I really need to focus this month on gathering up all the baby items spread throughout my family and friends so I know what I really need to purchase.  And, who am I kidding, this baby isn't coming until July so I've got PLENTY of time to get everything in order.

Here's the obligatory belly shot.  At least I'm starting to look like I'm pregnant.


Shell said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Oh, you are so cute!

Glad you are having an easy go of it! I think I had low iron with all of mine. They sucked the life out of me. ;) Little monsters. LOL

Samantha said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

You're so cute! I looked like a mammoth by the time I hit 28 weeks.

I hate how OBs are so formulaic. I always measured two weeks ahead and my daughter showed up 10 days early. Charts don't take actual people into account.