Monday, April 04, 2011

12 Hours

11:15pm  Snuggled into bed with feverish little Eva Bean

 2:34am   Crash of thunder and flash of lightening...Alex by the bed.  "Mom, I'm scared.  It's too loud.  Can I sleep with you?"  Tucked him in on the couch in our room.  Listened as he drifted off  to sleep.  Shuffled down the stairs to the bathroom.

4:02am   Thunder cracked.  Jumped from a dead sleep.  Footsteps across the house and up the stairs.  Grace by the bed.  "Mom.  Did you hear that?  It's loud. Can I sleep up here?"  Tucked her in on the other side of the couch.  Bathroom break.  

4:07am   Wow! Storm is really loud.  Can't sleep.

4:52am   Still not sleeping.  Another trip to the bathroom.

5:32am   "I'm not comfortable.  Going back to bed."  Grace back to her room.  Still not sleeping.

6:00am    Alarm rings.  Damn!  Must. Get. Up.


8:45am    Start drinking Orange Flavor Glucose syrup. Hmm...this isn't half bad.  Like that old McDonald's Tang drink.

8:50am    Finish drink.  Crap.  I can't eat now...only water.  Boo!

9:01am    I feel GREAT!  This stuff really isn't affecting me like I thought it would. 

9:05am    Why won't my hand stop shaking?!?!  Hope I don't poke my eye out with the mascara.

9:10am    Calling my sister to cancel her babysitting.  Gonna take the feverish Eva Bean with me.  Pacing the house while waiting on her to answer.  Hear words coming out of my mouth but coming so fast I can't keep up with them.  Hysterical laughter in my ear.  WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING AT ME?!?!?  Seriously, I'm fine.  No, I can drive.  It's really not affecting me at all.

9:15am    On way to doctor appointment.  Why do my eyes look like they are jumping out of my head?These cars really need to move out the the way.  Not. Moving. Fast. Enough.

9:45am     I think I could puke.  Will they take my damn blood already!  Can't sit still.  Want to vomit. 

9:50am     Blood drawn.  Less puky more sleepy.

10:13am    Just want to close my eyes.  I can cuddle up here in the corner.  Just wake me when the doctor's ready.

10:15am    Doctor is ready.

10:53am    MUST. GET. FOOD.

10:58am     Qdoba!

11:33am     6 pound burrito...I defeated you.

11:47am     Ok.  Maybe you defeated me.

12:02pm     ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....

3:12pm     WTH?!?!  Kids home from school already?


Three in the Nest said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

so glad to "meet" you :) What a fun blog! so much in common!
yes, the stick system us sure to work with husbands provided the rewards you offer are to his liking ;)
Have a great day-