Wednesday, March 02, 2011

All Things Girly

My little girl is becoming a woman!  Ahhh! I knew is day was coming...much sooner than I wanted.  Grace has been "maturing" for the past couple years.  And she will probably kill me when she finds out I'm talking about it here.  So, to spare her the embarrassment, I won't divulge too many details.

How did I know it was coming? Great questions.
  • on a scale of 1 to 10 her mood swings have been 1,000
  • development of all the "lady parts" are in full effect
  • "did you put on deorderant?" has become a daily question
  • she is crying one minute and laughing the next
  • her back has been aching
Her period started on Sunday while I was still in the hospital.  Fortunately, she was at her Nana's house and didn't freak out.  She texted me from the bathroom and I felt terrible I wasn't there with her.  However, she handled it in a very mature fashion.

That evening, we got all of the supplies and I gave a little "how to" lesson.  Later that night I scoured the internet looking for a good book to help her understand what is going on in her body.  I found this one and love it!

In the next couple weeks I will be covering sex education with her which is incredibly ackward considering I'm all knocked up.