Monday, March 07, 2011

24 weeks

Wow! Only 16 weeks left.  This baby is going to be here before we know it.  Some days I panic thinking, "ohmygoshwehaveNOTHINGforthischild!" Other days I'm all cool, calm and collected. Posh...we have over three months.  I'll worry about getting ready for baby in March.  Oh, wait, it is March.  Shit. When did that happen?  Oh well, April.  April 1st.  That's when I'll start the baby buying bonanza.

We did finally move some more of our stuff from the mother in law's house.  I got most of my clothes and in turn will be donating 99% of them to charity.  We got some of our larger furniture, the kids summer clothes and shoes for Eva.

My dad and brother installed a gate to finish the fully fenced-in back yard.  However,  I'm too scared to actually let the dogs run free of their chains back there.  They are some conniving, sneaky pooches and if there's a where they will wiggle or jump their way out of the yard.  I'm not about to go chasing the dogs around the neighborhood if I can help it!

They also put up the crib only to realize it's missing a bracket.  My brother thinks he can "fix it" which would be great and all, but I've witnessed his "fixing" abilities.  I'm leaning towards buying a new crib.

I've been perusing Amazon for all things baby but have yet to commit to anything.

The pile of crapola in our bedroom has been sorted and stored, donated or trashed.  It is now replaced by another pile of crapola awaiting its final destination.

On the pregnancy front, all things are a-go.  She has gotten the big check mark of approval on health.  The placenta is still too low, but not worrisome yet.  Another ultrasound is scheduled for the third trimester to check the placenta and the size of the baby.

I lost another 2 pounds.  I'm honestly surprised by this one.  I really thought I gained about 5 so that news is like losing 7 pounds.  My OB is starting to worry if I'm eating enough, but I guarantee I am.

My pre-pregnancy tops aren't fitting too well anymore, so I've incorporated a few maternity ones in there as well.  My pants, well, those are another that includes a belt.

More pictures!

And the baby...her hands were folded like she was praying.  Too Cute!