Tuesday, March 08, 2011


6am Alarm Rings

6:10am I get up, make coffee and breakfast. Pack lunches

6:30 Try to get kids up. Tell Chris it's time for him to get up.

6:40 Try to get Grace up. Try to get Chris up. Alex and Eva eat breakfast.

6:42 Threaten Grace with her life if she doesn't get out of bed thisveryinstant! Remind Eva to eat her breakfast.

6:44 Make Chris tell Grace to get up.

6:44.34234 Realize Chris isn't up either.

6:45 Threaten to lose "it" on both of them if they do not get out of bed!

6:46.345 Alex waits at front door with coat and backpack asking if we are ever going to leave. Keep him busy by "letting" him do chores.

6:50 Alex has takes out recycling, fed  dogs, let them out and in, made his bed, cleaned his room and is distracting his sister who is still eating her breakfast.  Threaten to throw away said breakfast if she doesn't finish it thisveryinstant!

6:51 Chris in shower.  Grace stomping around the house.

7am Start the countdown. We are leaving in 10 minutes.  Give Eva her clothes to get dressed.  Check on Grace to find she is back in bed.  Pull her out of bed despite her best protests.

7:02 Sneak off to get dressed.

7:05 Eva is still eating her breakfast.  Take cereal bowl and dress her, do her hair and make her brush her teeth. Tell Grace to brush her teeth.

7:06 Tell Grace to brush her teeth. Chris and Alex go out to the car.

7:07 Put coat on Eva and send her out the door with backpack

7:07.9838 Tell Grace to brush her teeth.

7:10  Brush my teeth.  See Grace's toothbrush still hasn't been used.  Make her come into the bathroom and brush her teeth.

7:11 Pour coffee to-go.  Announce we are already one minute late!  Listen to Grace tell me how she doesn't care.

7:12 Look for shoes. Why can't she ever find her shoes? 


7:16 Turn off every light in the house.

7:18 In the car.  Waiting on Grace.

7:22 Grace pouts out to the car.  Accuses me of "being too busy" to remember to help her study for a test in which she did not bring home anything from which to study!

7:23 Recite lecture on responsibility and how we are LATE as I drive. Watch the incessent eye-rolling from the rear-view mirror!

7:30 Chris is at work.

7:41 Kids are at school


7:52 Back home and working.