Thursday, February 10, 2011

Made with Love

Oh, Valentine's Day!  How you bring out the competitive creativeness in me! Alex's first grade family project for this month is to make a Valentine's Day box.  His teacher encouraged "creativity."  After hearing about some of the boxes the other kids were making, "we" (me) decided that his had to be awesomely cool!  After looking on the interwebz for inspiration we made our decision.

I went and got the supplies today.

Then "we" (me) went to work on making the creation.  Alex was getting a little annoyed that I was doing "most" (all) of the work, but I just needed to lay the foundation.  Once it is constructed, the decorating was all him.  He was much happier when he got to dig in and make the creation come to life.  Before we could finish, I had to leave to meet some friends for a ladies night Bingo (also known as lame-o). (Bingo was actually really fun and something pregnant ladies can do without getting strange looks as opposed to going to a bar or a concert or what-not).  Anyway...I digress.  The minute Chris walked in the door, I handed the kids and the project over to him and made my escape.

I think we pulled off "Awesomely Cool!"

Alex is pretty proud too!