Thursday, February 17, 2011

22 Weeks

This is one weird pregnancy.  I'm at 22 weeks...give or take.  My maternity clothes are still hanging in my closet.  I now have to wear a belt to keep my pre-pregnancy jeans up over my disappearing butt.  I feel like an a** even saying this.  I keep losing weight. I weigh less now at 5 1/2 months pregnant than I did back in August.  And this is my fourth pregnancy.

Do I look less pregnant then I did 2 weeks ago? I kinda think I do.
The baby is still healthy and moving around A LOT!  Of course I'm moving around a lot too, so she really only gets my full attention when I sit in front of my TV at night or snuggle into bed to get some much needed rest.

Another two weeks have gone by and we still have done nothing to prepare for this baby.  I still haven't finished unpacking.  I keep looking at this pile of crapola in our bedroom thinking, "I should really do something with that." Especially since it is in the middle of the floor and I keep adding more to it.  But then I go and make a snack instead.