Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Sky Is Falling!

Area meteorologists are calling for the largest snow/ice storm of the year. And, as always, local St. Louisians panic. Grocery store shelves cannot stay stocked. Lines at the gas stations wrap around the block. Schools close in anticipation. My colleagues don’t come to work.

I’m sitting here today as the only person in my department. The halls are a ghost town. It’s actually rather nice. No whining, no complaining. Just me, my phone and my computer.

There is not one spick of snow or ice on the ground. And although the front is supposed to move in this afternoon, I still don’t understand the pandemonium. Its snow, people! Plain white, soft, lovely snow. The little flakes that fall from heaven are not going to sprout horns and pitchforks and stab you to death on their decent to the earth. You don’t have to bunker down and fear for your life. Now, yes I know traveling in these conditions can be a little worrisome. However, there aren’t even any conditions in which to worry at this point.

As far as tomorrow goes, I hope it dumps about 8 inches on us here in the metro area. I could totally use a snow day. Only time will tell.