Monday, January 26, 2009

I'd Make the Wicked Witch Proud

Yesterday was freakin’ awful. From the moment I woke up to the moment I went to bed, I was a bitch. It was my first and only day off work for the weekend, and I spent it spewing vial, nasty comments at everyone around me. The only thing that irritated me more than my disgusting behavior was the fact that I couldn’t stop it. Here’s what I had planned to do yesterday:

9am: Go to Church
10am: Stop by Walmart for groceries and a French Press
11am: Make Brunch for the family
12pm: Play games with the kids
2pm: Get kids down for a nap and do laundry
3pm: Put laundry away
4pm: Watch movie with the family
6pm: Eat Dinner
7pm: Get kids in bath and ready for bed
8pm: Read books and tuck the kids in

Here’s what I did:

11am: Bitched because I slept too long and missed Church
12pm: Went to Walmart with the little ones and reprimanded them the entire time for touching things
12:30: Decided to screw the brunch and went to McDonalds
1pm: Got home and bitched at Chris and Grace for doing NOTHING while I was gone(seriously….NOTHING!)
1:15: Tried to take a nap but the house was too loud. Yelled at everyone to shut the hell up
2pm: Gave up on the nap and stomped around the house because I couldn’t sleep
Begrudginly put laundry away
2:30: Took a shower and complained because I was cold when I got out
3pm: Drove to a park and sat in the parking lot to flip through a magazine and scream every time my phone went off
4pm: Dropped prescription off at Walgreens
4:30: Came home and climbed in bed with Alex
6pm: Ate dinner with family and silently fumed as everyone was laughing and having a good time
7pm: Tucked the kids in bed because I JUST COULDN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE
8pm: Watched“Taken” with Chris, a massage chair, glass of wine and a blanket….didn’t say a word because I was tired of hearing myself bitch.
10pm: Went to bed
11pm: Got pissed off because still not sleeping
2am, 3am, 4am and 5am: woke up hot as hell with a pounding in my head
6am: Eff it! Got up.

So, yeah. Today is not much better. I’m still crabby and tired and have a headache. But, I’m at work. I haven’t spoken to ANYONE all day less I bite their head off. I have at least 4 more hours to go before I can go home and put my crabby-arse to bed. I really just need to punch something. GRRRR!!!!