Sunday, June 22, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

My gosh I am tired. This weekend went by way too fast. I need just one more day to put things back together. Between dance recitals, margaritas with a friend, work and laundry this weekend was over before I even knew it began. The kids are still running around....not really interested in going to sleep. And all I want is a few hours of peace and quiet. Time to zone out to Weeds or scour the internet for mindless entertainment. I can feel myself on the verge of losing all calmness. Why don't they understand that mama needs some quiet time? They are also so tired and extremely cranky. However, sleep is not on their agenda.

For the moment, they are quiet. Alex is playing a video game in his room. Eva is in her bed looking at a book. Grace is watching Disney Channel in my room. I'm breathing in the silence. Enjoying the pure bliss of nothingness. I can't imagine it will last much longer.

The work week starts again tomorrow morning. Although I don't despise my job near as much as I did just a few weeks back, I'm not excited to return tomorrow. I'm definitely ready for a vacation. Or some time off to do nothing. If all goes well, I could have a few weeks off soon. That is if the job offer comes through. If not, I have requested vacation for the last week of July. It seems so far away, but maybe just having the next few Saturdays off will help with the burnout.

I'm considering planning a camping/float trip for this weekend. The kids are finally all to an age that they could enjoy it. Although Eva's still a little young I think she'll handle it just fine. A tent is not an option, though. So if I do this, I need to find a cabin at a relatively cheap price. I'm hoping to stay at Garrisons in Steelville and float the Meramec River. With all of the flooding, though, I'm not sure how viable that will be. Guess I've got some research to do.

The silence is broken. Must put the kids back to bed.