Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Journey Continues....Destination Unknown

My friend Katie is moving! There I said it. I can no longer deny the reality.

In about a week, she will be living in Houston, way too many miles from me.

Friends are a rare commodity in my life. I am choosey about who I will open up to. I'm skeptical of trust. I'm guarded in the aspect that I don't want anyone to know too much about me. It's not so much that I have skeletons in my closet. It's more so that I've had bad childhood experiences in being backstabbed. I learned at a very young age that trust is to be earned.

Katie and I met a little less than a year ago. She came into my life at a time that I wasn't really taking applications for friends. My life was a mess. All of my hopes and dreams were unraveling at the seams. The last thing I needed was someone else's drama or judgement.

Our friendship developed like that of a story book romance. We work in the same department which lead to casual work related dialogue. After months of both of us giving just snipets of insight into our lives, we both were intrigued to know more---but knew better than to push. One evening, after a particularly harring day at work, we decided to indulge in a cocktail. What I found out that night forever changed my views on life.

I wasn't alone in my inner battle. Katie was fighting a similar one. Over the next eight months we have developed a friendship unlike any I've ever experienced. We've laughed together (A LOT). We've cried together. We've aruged. We've defended each other. To me, Katie has become my sister. She has forever altered my life course.

Although the news of her move broke my heart, I am proud of the decision she made. She has gone to great lengths to find the happiness that she deserves. I hope and pray that her life will be what she has always wanted it to be. And if she ever needs to come home, my door is always open.