Thursday, November 02, 2006

101 Reasons I Love Him...

101. I love his dimples when he smiles.
100. I love the way he'll laugh out loud to something on T.V.
99. I love him because our children look like him.
98. I love his little surprises.
97. I love him because he snuck out on Christmas Eve to deliver me a kiss.
96. I love how happy "his" music makes him.
95. I love his sweet innocence.
94. I love him for the movie, flowers, dinner and a ring!
93. I love him for rushing home from work early when Grace had her scooter accident.
92. I love him for his passion for the Eagles.
91. I love him for showing me what "good" steak is.
90. I love him for honoring old traditions and making new ones.
89. I love him for being a leader and never a follower.
88. I love him because he'll build me a fire when I'm cold (even if he's not).
87. I love him for being at my college graduation.
86. I love that he hates karokee.
85. I love that he teaches our kids everyday.
84. I love the way he tries to help his family and friends become better people.
83. I love that we got our thing on in the park after dark.
82. I love that he'd walk me to my car everynight when leaving work or a party.
81. I love him for making me feel like "his girl".
80. I love him for teaching me to play Texas Hold-em.
79. I love him for making me get out of my comfort zone.
78. I love him for his encouragement.
77. I love him for taking care of me when I'm sick.
76. I love him for finding his own path and following it.
75. I love that with shaky hands, he dropped the ring when he proposed.
74. I love the way he takes charge.
73. I love him being the best washer partner ever.
72. I love the way he always shows affection for me.
71. I love that he can lose the song game everytime but will still play.
70. I love his love and admiration for his grandma.
69. I love that we made out in his ex-girlfriends driveway.
68. I love the way his eyes light up at the mention of Lambert's.
67. I love the way he used to cook for me.
66. I love his discipline.
65. I love that he helps me relax.
64. I love when he tells me "sweet dreams".
63. I love how he works so hard.
62. I love that he said it was a blessing when I told him I was pregnant the first time.
61. I love that he'd call me every night when I live in Cape.
60. I love him because he can play like a child.
59. I love him because he lets me win at darts.
58. I love him for trying to be a better man.
57. I love him for supporting my views as long as he has.
56. I love him because he's honest.
55. I love that he was with me for the birth of each of our children.
54. I love that he learns from mistakes.
53. I love that he drove through the park while we were both half-naked.
52. I love when I was terrified after 911, he welcomed me to his house.
51. I love him for showing me a different approach to life.
50. I love the way he raves about my chicken noodle soup.
49. I love that he loves my family.
48. I love that he participates in activities and friendships because they are important to me.
47. I love him for the carriage ride, Adam's Mark and the Cardinal game.
46. I love him because he's my best friend.
45. I love him for sneaking me margarita's into the hospital.
44. I love that he taught me to take life a little less seriously.
43. I love when he laughs at my "blond" moments.
42. I love the way he is with the kids.
41. I love how he makes me feel safe.
40. I love his drive and ambition.
39. I love how he boosts my confidence.
38. I love how he supports me in difficult times.
37. I love that he'll listen when I go on and on about girl stuff.
36. I love how he spoils me.
35. I love that we spent an entire weekend in bed making love.
34. I love that we can have fun out on the town or home on the couch.
33. I love the he set the standards high for future boyfriends for the girls just by his example.
32. I love that he laughed, hugged me and took me to dinner when my meatloaf failed.
31. I love he always kicks my butt when bowling.
30. I love him for allowing me to be his support.
29. I love him because he's brilliant.
28. I love him because he's the best I've ever had and all I've ever wanted.
27. I love when he tells our children "sweet dreams" because I know how good it is to hear it.
26. I love him for holding me as I cried when we found out Eva would be born by a C-Section.
25. I love when he took my hand and promised to love me forever.
24. I love the way he slows me down.
23. I love him because he makes me want to be a better person.
22. I love him because he's afraid of an ostrich.
21. I love him for the passion we have when we make love.
20. I love that he appreciates my insanities.
19. I love it when he sings.
18. I love that he is loyal and faithful to me and his friends.
17. I love that he loves my body no matter what shape, size or form.
16. I love that he shows Alex how to be a man.
15. I love how he's never wrong but will admit if he is.
14. I love the softness in his kiss.
13. I love him for Jack and Coke...and learning when to say no.
12. I love him for the butterflies in my stomach when we touch.
11. I love him for the warmth he provides in bed.
10. I love him for Grace, Alex and Eva--the 3 best presents in the world.
9. I love that he forgives me when I hurt him.
8. I love when I look at the future, I see him by my side.
7. I love him for loving me enough to leave.
6. I love him for coming back home.
5. I love him for showing me how to love.
4. I love how we are never on the same page but are still great together.
3. I love the way he looks sexy in a suit, hoodie or nothing at all.
2. I love his smell of cologne, smoke and hard work.
1. I love him because he chose me for his wife.