Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Future Looks Promising...Way to Go, Baby!

A few months ago I talked incessantly about the extreme stress level our house had been enduring due to Chris' workload and the financial stability of our family being determined by his performance for the September start. Well, I'm TRILLED to announce that not only will our finances stay incredibly stable our net worth will be on the rise. After meeting with his boss and the corporation execs, he received an eleven-thousand dollar raise. HOW AWESOME IS MY HUSBAND! That's one HECK of a raise.

And as if that was exciting enough, he is also the only person in his campus' history to receive ones (the highest possible rating) on his evaluation. Basically, they don't give out ones because if you receive a one you should no longer be at that position--you should be in management. He has been applying for management positions at several locations within the corporation with no real success. However, with the evaluation he received (in which all of the campus' with management positions available will receive) it looks as if his potential to be promoted has just escalated.

I am so proud of him and all he's done to reach this point in his career. From here, things could move veryVERY fast. Most likely his promotion will be cause for relocation. Where, is still unknown. He has a second phone interview with a campus in Rancho-Cordova, CA this evening and has been in contact with the campus in Arlington, TX. Honestly, we could be moving in two months or two years, it's just really that unpredictable at this time. Of course my preference would be to stay closer to home (I'm praying for something in Tennessee) but will go where we need to go. At this point, I'm leaving it in God's hands and praying that he'll lead us in the right direction. I just didn't think this could all happen so fast.

Congrats, baby! You deserve every penny of it. Not only are you a brilliant hard-working man, but you make decisions for your family not just for yourself. I love you and am so proud of you!