Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Home Sweet Home

I cannot even begin to explain how great it is to sleep in your own bed. I know I sound so much like a baby, but I am not cut out for a life of travel. I enjoy going on vacations and visiting different places. I also like the the occasional hotel stay. I've done good this entire travel season with not having to stay more than one night a week out of town and several weeks in which I was home every night. This week though, I stayed in a hotel (although nice and comfy) both Sunday and Monday night. I never thought I'd miss my own bed so much. By the end of the day yesterday I was extremely moody and irritable. I returned home last night around ten and was snuggled up in my bed by eleven.

It was so comforting to wake up to our baby crying, keeping warm by the side of my heat box husband and getting up in the morning to casually get Grace ready for school. I even walked her into the school in fleece pants and a hoodie. It was great to be warm and comfortable.

I do have to work today, but I don't have to leave my house until eleven this morning. I decided instead of making myself crazy by cleaning and doing laundry and all the other household chores that I've neglected this week, that I would relax. I went back to sleep after dropping Grace off, showered peacefully, and am drinking my coffee as I write this. I'm moving in slow motion and am loving it. Only two more days of chaos to go.

On a side note, we are looking for a new bedroom set. Because no matter how great it is to be in my own bed, it would be so much more AWESOME to be in a bed that I haven't had since I was in college. Plus, a double bed just seems a little cramped considering the kids typically sneak in somewhere throughout the night. I would love an old solid oak bedroom set and a pillowtop mattress. But do I really need to spend a trillion dollars on it? Well, I guess that will depend on how much I value a good night sleep. Still scouting for deals, though.