Monday, August 14, 2006

From the Administration...

The terror alert in the Rodriguez homefront has been official raised to Ernie. The cause for this sudden rise in the alert level has not been identified. However, we do believe the aforementioned threat has been under planning for the past several weeks. All parties involved are inconclusive at this time but are believed to be mainly domestic participants. It does appear, however, that these plans are being influenced by a foreign source. Although all reports are not yet in, the uncovered plan shows signs of the terrorist group known as W.O.R.K. This group has several pseudonyms which makes identifying the group difficult. In recent events, W.O.R.K. has used the aliases Career, Job, Nine-to-Five, Occupation, Profession, and Livelihood. However, it is believed that W.O.R.K has been disguising itself for many years now and foul-play is suspected in several other areas as well. The administration is issuing this warning to raise awareness in the general public. Other areas that are believed to be affected by this terrorist group (yet have not been confirmed) are Motherhood, Cook, Housekeeper and Janitor. Please stay tuned to for the latest updates.

Thank you.

The Administration