Sunday, August 13, 2006


Today was one of those days in which very little energy was required to enjoy yourself. The children allowed me to sleep in to the very decent hour of 7:30 am, for which I am entirely grateful. Once up and moving, I went into full-force-house-straightening mode in which I put away all of the toys, diaper bags, books and so forth that we dropped throughout the living room and hallway in our zombie-like trance commuting last night from the van to our respective bedrooms. Once the house was cleaned and the coffee made, Chris stumbled out of bed to begin a day long affair with his online accounting classes. Meanwhile, myself and the two older children headed off to Church. On a rare occasion, Chris will join us at Mass. Those are the days that God is smiling on me.

Today was the first day that I took both Grace and Alex to Church---BY MYSELF. It wasn't entirely as bad as I thought it would be. Grace is old enough to know how to behave in Church but for some reason finds it completely necessary to taunt and torment her younger brother when he is there with us. She calls it "helping". However, the hour long service went rather smoothly. I did not get as much spiritually out of Mass as I would have liked. I know it is important, though, for my children to be there and to start learning about God and religion while they are young.

After Church, we picked up Chris (who by that time was in desperate need of a break from the clutches of the internet) and Eva and headed to Waffle House for breakfast. It was yumalicious and the kids actually behaved and ate their ENTIRE meals! After breakfast, we returned home. Chris was again consumed by the computer, and Eva napped. Grace and Alex eagerly volunteered to play outside in the back yard in lieu of taking naps themselves. I started my Sunday project of laundry while occasionally peering out the windows to check on the safety of the kids. I could hear screams and laughter of delight coming through the windows as they chased each other around the yard with water guns. I was almost able to get all of the laundry washed, dried and put away before Eva awoke and Grace and Alex were requesting refuge from the heat and a snack to satisfy their grumbling tummies. Although I would have loved about fifteen more minutes of solitude, I couldn't complain. Grace and Alex cleaned up, changed clothes and retired to our bedroom for their animal crackers and some T.V. time. Eva and I finished the laundry and headed to the sunroom for some Mama/Baby Yoga. I only had to stop my workout four times to attend to the other two. I was thoroughly impressed.

For dinner, Chris and I decided to grill some T-Bone Steaks that we've had in the freezer for several weeks. Before Church, I defrosted the meat and marinated it in a garlic, coke and rum concoction. Chris started the grill while I prepared vegetable packets and some Mac-N-Cheese for the kiddos. After about an hour, dinner was ready. I must have truly starved the kids all day because I have never in my life seen anyone eat like they did. They LOVE steak! Alex literally sucked the bone dry.

After dinner, Grace and Alex cleared the table and fed the dog. Then they headed off for their bath without one ounce of whine. Once the baths were complete, they cuddled up for a few stories and went to sleep.

Why can't every day be like this?