Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Let the Sunshine....PLEASE!

Alright, Mother Nature. I’m getting really tired of these cold, rainy weekends. It’s May, for goodness sake. April Showers were supposed to bring May flowers, not May showers. I should be able to get a tan as I work on my garden. But instead, we are cooped up in the house every weekend trying not to kill each other. I’ve had enough of this nonsense.

Even though we endured another miserable weekend weather wise, we did manage to have a little fun in there as well.

Friday night, we rushed through dinner at our favorite little Mexican place and walked into the 8th grade play during the opening act. I was feeling quite awful that day. One thing that the rain didn’t help with was my allergies. With everything turning green, I turned into a big snot ball. Between my throat aching and eyes watering, I did manage to make it through full day of work followed by the play. The play turned out really cute and the kids enjoyed seeing it for the second time.

Saturday afternoon, the younger kids spent some time with their dad. That was awful on all accounts. I guess the kids had fun, but it is never pleasant dealing with him. He really is an unhappy man and oh how I got the brunt end of his misery. I don’t know why he can make me so angry still, but he does. I’m working on it though. One day soon his unpleasantness won’t bother me. One day.

Sunday the girls and I got fancied up for the Mother/Daughter Girl Scout event. It was much nicer than I anticipated. Alex went to a Laser Tag birthday party with friends. My sister, Laura, came over an hour early and we all got ready together. With the music pumping and some wine flowing, it was so much fun. Plus, we all looked incredible for the event.

That evening, we went over to my sister’s for some fajitas to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. I was exhausted by the end of the night, and never did make it to the grocery store or finish laundry. Yesterday when Layla woke up crabby and clingy, I took it as the perfect opportunity to take the day off. It was great. Layla and I napped, cuddled on the couch, and mostly did 12 loads of laundry. I think I needed the day just to catch up on “mom” stuff. I got the basement clean, the kitchen cleaned out and caught up on all the weekly stuff I neglected to do over the weekend. Alex’s practice got canceled so I was able to cook without having to rush off somewhere else. The kids had fresh sheets and clean rooms. Just that extra day made such a difference in my week.

Today, it’s back to the grind. But I feel much more relaxed since I was able to get so much done yesterday. I feel organized and back in control. The last few weeks of chaos really sent me for a loop, so it’s nice to feel put together again. At least until the weekend rolls around again!