Thursday, April 25, 2013

Never a Dull Moment

In an effort to drop a few pounds before swimsuit season, I have significantly cut back on my calorie intake. Judging by the headaches I’ve been getting prior to the end of my work day, I’m guessing I’ve taken my efforts a little too far. I am happier with the number on the scale, however.

When I got home yesterday, all I needed was a few minutes to shut my eyes and wipe away the nagging headache. Grace ever so kindly offered for Alex and Eva to keep an eye on the baby. They, however, were content riding their bikes. After I bribed Eva to come in for just a few minutes because mommy needs to get rid of this headache, I was able to retreat to my room. I have become the queen of 20 minute naps. I would really love a nap that didn’t result in me being jolted awake by a kid screaming bloody murder. That’s a luxury I just don’t have.

In that 20 minutes, Alex managed to tick off Eva. Her scream turned into my alarm clock. Her stomping and slamming of the bedroom door ticked Grace off and in turn she slapped Alex upside the head because she was trying to take a nap. Layla had unwrapped an entire box of individually wrapped tea bags and used them for decoration in the kitchen and dining room. It was also during that 20 minute time frame that they decided nobody really had to watch the baby.

Dinner was a success, though. I made a typical rushed night meal of “make it up as I go along” pasta. I found some tomatoes and olives in the fridge to sautee up with some garlic and basil in olive oil. I added a splash of balsamic vinegar and topped it off with some feta cheese. In true Grace fashion, she proclaimed she wasn’t eating dinner and it was stupid that she had to sit at the dinner table with us since she obviously wasn’t going to eat that. Also in true Grace fashion she ate all of her dinner while telling us about how she wasn’t going to eat it because it was disgusting. She was the first one finished and stomped off to get ready for the Girl Scout meeting she obviously wasn’t going to because it was also stupid. Alex and Eva took a little longer to finish their dinner. It is more time consuming to pick out every single tomato and olive, not to mention the time it takes to wipe off each noodle. Once the table was cleared, the little ones gathered up their homework and a few toys and headed out to the car. I went to retrieve Grace from her room with my speech prepared as to why she would indeed be attending her Girl Scout meeting. However, Grace was already out in the car waiting for me to drive her to the stupid meeting that she obviously wasn’t going to.

On the drive there, she confided that the only reason she was going to this meeting was for the snack. I’m glad she has the Girl Scouts to rely on since her mother can’t seem to meet the needs of a starving pre-teen.

I took Alex and Eva to the park down the street after dropping her off. Alex finished up his homework while Eva did flips over the seats. I was going to let them get out of the car to play at the actual park, but since they were having so much fun treating the SUV as their own personal playground, I didn’t see the need. Also, I could smell the baby and neither her or anyone in the car were happy with that stench, so we went home.

Grace texted 10 minutes into the meeting telling me it was a waste of time. I thought that the guest speaker must not have shown up after all and asked why. Her response, no snack!

My phone rang soon after with an auto reminder of the 1st grade bake sale. I made a quick stop at Walgreens on the way home from the Girl Scout meeting. I thought I would just grab a box of brownie mix and send my little darling to school the next day with actual baked goods. Apparently, Walgreens doesn’t carry brownie mixes…or at least not in the hair product aisle. I managed to get out of there with a variety of hair products and accessories, a carton of ice cream and two packages of cookies.

Eva was sound asleep within minutes of me getting home. This morning she woke up to plate full of chocolate chip cookies and wondered how she missed out on the baking.