Monday, May 02, 2011

Cliff Notes Edition of the Weekend

Because we were blessed with gorgeous weather on Friday and because my child begged me to go, I took a gaggle of six year old boys to the Zoo. It was my second field trip of the week. I’m anxiously awaiting my “Awesome Mom” award.

On this field trip, I learned why God keeps giving me girls. After a few hours with four boys, I developed a huge admiration for mothers of boys. The ENERGY! At one point I threatened to throw them all in with the cheetahs to see who was faster. The boys thought this was the coolest idea EVER! Fortunately, when we came upon the cheetahs, they were sleeping and the race lost its appeal. I dodged a bullet on that one!


Saturday morning graced us with sunshine and warmth…the perfect weather for a baseball game. Alex took the field and promptly fielded and tagged out the first three batters. At bat, he looked like an old pro. Last year, he struggled quite a bit at the plate. Towards the end of the season, we switched him to a lefty and viola! success. I wasn’t sure he truly needed to bat left but the awkwardness of batting from that side of the plate caused him to focus more.  He was finally able to connect with the ball. This year, he immediately took to the left and went 3 for 3 at the game.

In the afternoon, Chris and I headed to the nursery. If this vegetable garden is going to happen we MUST. GET. PLANTS. By the time we selected all of the veggies, herbs, soil and fertilizer and got home, the sky clouded over and the wind picked up. The previously tilled patch of land was a water logged mess due to all of the April showers. The plants are still sitting in the kids’ wagon waiting to go into the ground. The tiller is supposed to make it’s appearance again this evening and with high hopes and crossed fingers, the garden will be planted tonight.


One of the few perks of Chris’ job is the opportunity to attend events like we are rich and famous people. Ok, maybe not rich and famous as there really aren’t many celebrities in St. Louis. Regardless, we wouldn’t have even known about most of the events he gets invited to if it wasn’t for this job. Sunday, the Humane Society hosted a live auction for Cause for the Paws at Wine Country Gardens. We mingled while munching on the scrumptious culinary selections while sipping sweet tea. We whined a little over the selection of beer and wine that I couldn’t take part in (so he didn’t either) and started daydreaming about the summer when my body will be my own again.


The kids have taken well to their new room responsibilities and chore chart. Consistency is key! As long as I tell them it’s time for their chores, they do them without much complaint. They are learning that the few minutes it takes to maintain a clean room is much better than the hours it takes to clean a messy one. This makes for a happy and more relaxed momma. I even got to indulged in a bubble bath and a two hour nap late on Sunday afternoon.


Sunday night we discovered the USA rocks! And this little place by our house that delivers not only pizza and subs but ice cream, too!  Thus, completing my weekend.


Samantha said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

It always amazed me while teaching how differently boys and girls approached the same activities.

Shell said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I hear ya on the boys- but I deal with that every day!

Sounds like a fun weekend!