Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break-Down

Spring Break has started pretty much just like Christmas Break...only with nicer weather.  This morning I woke up to two sick kids and an inbox full of work.  To top that off, my dad is in the hospital with complications from knee surgery.

I think I might lose my mind this week. 

The house is clean and dinner is cooking in the crock pot so at least I have that going for me.

Eva got sick on Saturday night after we got home from my mom's birthday party.  She was complaining of a headache while we were there and actually fell asleep on the couch during the party.  I had just gotten her home and tucked into bed when the puke-a-thon began.  She managed to hit one small section on each of the six blankets and twelve stuffed animals she had in bed with her. 

Alex got up this morning with a deep, raspy cough.  He went with me to run some errands and clean the car.  An hour later, he was tuckered out and running a fever of 101.

Grace slept until 10:30 this morning...but I think that was out of pre-teen laziness as opposed to illness.  By the afternoon, I had the two little ones asleep and Grace agreed to hold down the fort.  I ran to the store for some Tylenol and other odds and ends and then went into the office for about an hour to finish up the third edition of the catalog.

My dad is in a lot of pain.  He went to the hospital on Sunday night because it was so excruciating.  And he has a ridiculously high tolerance for pain (which I have inherited as well).  They gave him 2 percocets and then another 2 shots of morphine.  None of which seemed to help.  He was loopy and emotional and calling each of us to tell us how much he loved us.  You would have thought he was dying.  But he's not.  He was just high on pain meds and feeling quite emotional.  I don't think he's ever experienced pain like that before.  My mom said that he doesn't remember much of the night.

I know he has quite a few visitors today so my plan is to let him rest tonight.  I hope to go out to visit tomorrow evening once Chris is home from work.  They are still trying to determine the source of the pain.  He's had a few other complications due to the narcotics.  The only pain killer that helped him also caused his stomach to shut down.  He has received some type of shot so that the stomach and intestines would not absorb the narcotic but it would still alleviate the pain in the knee.  It seems to be working.

I have high hopes for tomorrow...including warm weather, healthy kids, yard work and a hospital visit.  Not my ideal spring break but whatever it is, we'll make it.