Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Princess Eva Bean

Happy 5th Birthday to my little Eva Bean!  My how you've grown up so fast.  What a magnificent young lady you are becoming!  I love you more than I can put in words.  My heart swells and my eyes tear whenever I think of you.  You are a mamma's girl.  You are so much like me and so much like your dad and so much your own individual person.  I love our nap times, our hanging at home time and pretty much anytime I'm with you.  You make life such a joy.  Your sweetness is incredible and your easy-going demeanor makes raising you easy.  You are beautiful both inside and out.  Although we always thought you'd be the baby forever, I am coming to terms with the fact you won't.  You are a great little sister and you will be an even better big sister.  If your love for animals has taught us anything about you, it's that you are a nurturer at heart.  Your little sister is going to be so blessed that she has you to look up to.

I wanted to spoil you today for your birthday.  Afterall, it is the big number 5.  And the last one as the youngest. 

Thanks for letting me make good on my promise.  The party, shopping spree, bike ride and dinner at Imabee (Applebee's) was as much fun for me as I hope it was for you!

I love you so much!  Happy Birthday!

Princess Unicorn Cotton Candy Birthday Party

Eva's Only Request....a Unicorn Pinata

Birthday Lunch at the Mall

Fashion Show

Sparkly Hello Kitty...model pose

Look at that cuteness...nom nom

Loving the Mall

Shopped til she dropped...after her birthday cake with sprinkles and marshmallow ice cream.

Rocking her new bike