Friday, March 11, 2011

Misery Loves Company

Back in January, I made a New Year's Resolution that included removing people from my life that brought more harm than good.  I needed to rid our family of negative influences, unnecessary drama and immorality.  I knew it would be a challenge; mainly because the first people who had to go were family members.  Fortunately, Chris was on board (a vital need since it was his family) and had noticed the necessity of this cleansing long before I did.  Our first move, was to move.  Eight days into the new year we were blessed with a new home.  From there, things were rather simple.  Besides the snarky text messages and gossip I'd hear, we were essentially drama free.

Recently, it had become abundantly more clear that these people are relentless in their spewing of hatred.  I developed a thicker skin over the last few months and the bullsh*t they say about me is becoming easier to ignore.  I guess that is why they must reach for a new low.  Although I've never liked it, we still let the kids spend time with both of them on a semi-regular basis.  It's been a nice break for us, and they didn't seem to be infecting the kids with their poison.  However, that too must cease now.  I've learned that over the past few weeks, they have been using Grace as a pawn in their game...calling her cell phone at all hours of the night (intoxicated at best), texting her non-stop, digging for information.  She has done great at avoiding any conversations that lead to ammunition for them, but seriously, she is 10.  She does not need to be put in this position.  Repeatedly she has had to block them from Facebook.

Enough is enough, though.  I have now blocked both of their numbers from her phone.  I don't know what happens when they try to call or text her.  I don't know if they know they have been blocked.  I don't care, really.  I'm just happy they can't get to her anymore without going through us first. 

And now the hatred is back on me.  I'm not going to lie. It is hard.  Hard to be called such vial names.  With Eva's birthday approaching, they were bound to try to get back into our lives.  I got a text message earlier in the week asking if I needed a cake to be baked.  I chuckled to myself and shook my head.  There were so many unpleasant things I wanted to text back.  But I wasn't sinking to their level.  I waited a few days so my reply would not imply anything but politeness before I saying no thank you.  Still, I received a return text within 30 seconds telling me what a b*tch I am.  I lost it.  I called Chris and I cried.  I cried because it hurt my feelings.  Because I have been nothing but nice in all of our limited as I try to keep them.  I cried at the ridiculousness of her making me cry.  While talking to Chris, he started receiving texts from her telling him how terrible I am and how he'd be better off without me.  I could sense the tension rising in him. 

I don't know if Chris replied.  I didn't.  This is just further proof why these people need to not be in our lives.  I know they will keep trying...misery loves company afterall.  But, I will remain strong....surround myself with positive, loving people and hold my head high.  I deserve better, Chris deserves better and our children deserve better.  And our lives are better without them.