Monday, February 21, 2011


This weekend the MIL took the kids again for a sleepover.  I swear it's like we divorced when we moved from her house into our new house last month.  Every other weekend she is begging to see her "grandbabies." I'd find it rather annoying if it just wasn't so darn convenient.  I really didn't want them to go this weekend because I feel like we have been pulled in a thousand different directions every weekend for the last month.  But, by the time Mass was over on Saturday night I was ready for a break.  And some alone time with my hubby.  After dropping them and a few belongings off we set out for our glamorous Saturday night.

It all started with making a dinner decision.  I was was Chris.  This had been a long, trying week. I didn't feel like driving far, or spending much money, or really making any decision at all. As we were coming up on an Applebee's, we decided just to eat there.  We aren't really Applebee's diners, but it was there and I was hungry so be it.  Dinner was surprisingly decent and cheap.

After dinner we tossed around a few options but nothing sounded worth it.  Instead, we decided to go home.  Chris had been itching to play Call of Duty Black Ops which didn't sound like any fun for me.  But, I needed to get some general ideas of all things baby related that we are going to be needing in the near future.  We got rid of all of our baby stuff a couple years ago because we didn't think we'd have anymore kids.  So, as Chris set on his mission, I dove into mine. Cuddled in my oversized chair in comfy pajama's and wrapped in my snuggie, I perused Amazon for cribs, car seats and itty-bitty pink onesies.  Every once in awhile I'd ask his opinion on something but mainly we did our own thing while sitting next to each other in the silence of our own house.  It was gloriously glamorous.

Sunday, we slept in.  We went to brunch around noon and stuffed ourselves on Mexican goodness.  I breathed in the seventy degree weather and crank some music as we drove with the windows down.  Then we came home, opened the bedroom windows and climbed back into bed for the rest of the day.  We slept with the warm breeze caressing our cheeks, we talked, we loved and we slept some more. 

Finally, we set out to get the kids in the evening.  They were exhausted.  After quick showers, they were all tucked in bed with kisses and hugs.  I admired their cuteness and could feel my heart pouring over with love for my family.  Then we climbed back in bed.

Strangely, I still find this all very glamorous!