Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The Calm Before the Storm?

I've made it in to the late afternoon with not much more to report in my "Out the Front Door" documentary of the Snowpocalypse of 2011.

This Morning.

This Afternoon.

The kids are beginning to drive me batty, but I think I'm coping pretty well.   They have each had a few ongoing snow-related-type projects to work on today.

Grace is making a power point presentation comparing and contrasting the Great Storm of 1982 with the Snow Storm of 2011.

Alex has written and illustrated a "Looking out the Window" short story while also doing some live reporting on the weather conditions of our front yard.

Eva is working on her masterpiece of a snow covered lawn.

While I am glad Chris is shutting down the shop early, I'm not so sure I like him out driving around in search of a new T.V.  Although, I would like the new T.V.

Apparently they are beginning to close down major highways and reports of up to a foot of snow are rolling in.  However, this is all happening much west of us.  Here, it has led up to the point that it's not even snowing.  Could Mother Nature be messing with us?

The kids are becoming disenchanted with this whole thing...as am I.