Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Week 12

I planned on posting on my pregnancy and the teeny tiny deliciousness that is living inside me.  I even had the witty, sweet, heart-warming post written in my head.  I had been thinking about the exact wording and wonderfulness of this post since Monday.  Then I sat down to type it out.



(crinkly eyebrow and scrunched up pouty look of confusion)


So, yeah. That's my latest symptom of pregnancy.  Mushy brain syndrome.  Yesterday, Eva did  the cutest things.  It was classic four-year-old cuteness, and I chuckled on the inside and thought, I have to write this down.  I could do a whole post of this.  And within 30 seconds, it was completely gone from my memory.  This happened not once, but twice!

It's gotten so bad that I can't remember if I washed my hands after using the bathroom without smelling them for soap.  Fortunately, it has been soap everytime that I smell.

Back to this post.  Umm.

I am 12 1/2 weeks along in making the due date June 23rd.  However, if this one is anything like the last three, we won't be seeing this baby until we force it out with pitocin around July 6th (which just so happens to be Chris' birthday).

The ultrasound was incredible.  Technology has really advanced in four years, especially when it come to the quality of ultrasound pictures.  The baby is active and healthy with a heartrate of 157.  Seeing the squishy little goodness on the screen and hearing the heartbeat for the first time has caused unquestionably excitement.

My stomach has started to pop.  I guess that happens around three months.  It's really just the fat, squishy belly that doesn't necessarily look as much pregnant as it does stuffed full of chocolate cake and donuts.  My regular clothes are still fitting fine.  Actually, too big.  That has more to do with my weight loss sans pregnancy than anything else.  I am still losing about one to two pounds a week.  If I can keep this up until early February, I would be happy to gain the baby weight. 

I think that is about it.  This is definitely not the post I had originally and beautifully crafted in my head.  But at this point, I'm just happy I remembered how to turn on the computer and type.