Thursday, December 09, 2010

Bring on the Jolly

This week has been pretty great.  Except for the onset of mood swings from hell, hyper-sensitivity, and hard to control urges to slap anyone who is stupid.

I actually can do things now without having to take a nap first. Or run to the bathroom.  I've been shopping like crazy which is fun because I haven't shopped in forever.  The buyer's remorse I get after Every. Single. Purchase. might just be the reason I don't shop...except at Christmastime.  The kids have been great, except during the hours of 6:30 to 7:30am and 3-8pm.  During those hours, they are obnoxious little demons.

Chris is amazing.  He's been working so much to support his family.  So much so, I'm not sure he will recognize his family in a few more days.  The late nights and weekends are helpful to our bank account....and my Christmas shopping...but detrimental to our children remaining alive in this world.

But, it's Thursday and the week just wouldn't be complete without a snarky text to which I typed back "Eff-off you effin female dog. We don't talk anymore, and I rather enjoy it that way you effin drama inducing, self-absorbed, dip-shit, cow." Which I eventually erased and replied with "You've been misformed."

The little ones are in bed. So that's a plus.

Think I'll drink some chocolate and wallow in the goodness of the week.