Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Ah...fall is here. I love this time of year. I love any season change, but especially summer into fall.

Cool mornings, sunshine but not heat, hoodie nights, leaves changing, football and fall sports.

The kids are in full swing with school. Yesterday, was the first progress report of the new school year and I'm proud to report that I have very smart kids. Although, we all already knew that....didn't we.

Tomorrow is picture day! I have gone through all of the kids clothes in preparation for this day...and the cooler weather we are experiencing. Sadly, Grace's dresser is quite empty. I'm pretty sure, however, she will be estatic when I take her shopping after volleyball practice tonight. Since both her and Alex wear uniforms to school, they can get by with fewer items in their arsenal. But, right now Grace's wardrobe is limited to sweats and tees. I am shocked at how much she was grown over the last year. In shoes alone, she's gone from a women's size 5 to a women's 8 1/2! The plus side? Now I can share shoes with her! Yay!

Staying at home and giving a hundred percent to being a wife and mom has been incredibly awesome. It still sucks sometimes not having a glamerous life with a beautiful house and fancy cars. But I wouldn't trade this for anything in the world!

I'm happy that I got to steal a few minutes away today to document life. But, the work of a mother is never complete. Time to get to cooking and studying while the boys are getting haircuts and before volleyball practice starts!

In the meantime, PICTURES!