Saturday, January 09, 2010

Small Moments

Brriinngggg!  It's six o'clock on a Saturday morning!  Time to get out of bed.  I rolled over put the blanket over my head and begged my pillow for just a few more hours.  Five minutes later, the alarm rang again.  And another five minutes, and another, and another....I must drag my arse from this bed.  Finally in the kitchen I find the coffee and plug in the perkulator. Grabbed the eggs and began wisking.  The bread is toasting.  Time to wake the family.  Thirty minutes later and one egg sandwich to-go, we were on our way to the first basketball game of the season.  Second cup of coffee down and now I am awake.  We're watching fourth grade girls run back and forth on the court.  One scoring a basket for the wrong team.  Our team looking dazed and confused.  Half-time and we comment on how much practice she still needs.  I'll teach her how to run.  I'll do dribbling. We banter back and forth.  Next half starts and we are watching a whole new team.  Whoa!  She just blocked that girl and got the ball.  Look at her being aggressive.  I think she's having fun and kinda knows what she is doing.  After the game, high fives and good jobs.  A smiling, red-faced 9 year old beaming.  "I can't wait for the next game!"  A mother's heart melts.