Monday, October 16, 2006

We've gone TECHNO, Baby!

Because of my crazy CRAZY travel season this fall, I came to the realization several months ago that I would NEVER be able to watch ANY of my favorite T.V. shows all season long. Plus, I wouldn't get the opportunity to get hooked on any of the new shows coming out this fall season. As if I need any more things to be committed to. But the new fall line up looked so appealing. In the beginning of August as I made my travel schedule I began bantering Chris to upgrade our cable so we could get a DVR. I did research and everything. About mid August, he finally made the call to the cable company (yes, he had to call. I don't even order pizza for gawd sake, you think I could call the cable guy). What he learned was that basically our cable company sucks. Disappointed that we could not afford to pay the outrageous amounts of money they required to have the best cable package, I started looking into other options.

After weeks of slyly begging and pleading (dropping a hint about missing my shows, email links about the new fall line up and eBay opportunities to purchase DVR's, leaving the TiVo home page up on our home computer so he'd see it when checking his fantasy football), Chris bought me TiVo. And I lovelovelove it.

This weekend, we decided to take TiVo to the next level plus raise the level of techno fancy in our household. We purchased a wireless router and the additional connector thingy for TiVo to read the wireless signal. The wireless router was a cinch. Within minutes, I could use my laptop to access the internet from everywhere in my house (including sitting on the commode if I so desired which is sometimes the only place in which I can hide from my children to write), plus half way down our street. I was stoked. Now I can take my multi-tasking to a whole new level. For example, cooking dinner while researching Halloween party ideas, feeding Eva reading to Alex and assisting Grace with her homework. I love not having to be tied to our PC downstairs while the kids reek havoc on the rest of the house.

All was great on the wireless front until Chris began hooking TiVo into our ever so loved techno advanced world. First of all, we purchased the wrong adaptor. Once we had the right one, it took us (Chris) literally eight hours to get it up and running. We were so excited that we could watch our home pictures on the big screen and access news, weather traffic and our computer files through our T.V. That is until I sat down with my laptop to watch a previously recorded TiVo show (because I NEVER watch live T.V. anymore---unless its a Cards game) and work on a blog at the same time. My laptop wouldn't connect. We spent the next eight hours alternating working on securing connections to both of the devices. Chris finally got the laptop connected but then the TiVo lost the signal. It was a ghastly agonizing procedure we endured for a combined total of twenty-one hours. I was so incredibly irritable that I could have injured a small animal if I could have found one (thank God I didn't).

Finally, Sunday afternoon, I clicky clicked on something and VOILA! SUCCESS! We are officially wireless in all capacities of our technology.

We are so COOL. Our kids don't know how good they have it. Later that evening, Grace and Alex were making Halloween pictures in the kitchen as I was working on uploading our pictures to Yahoo Photos to share with our family and friends. Grace suddenly stopped and asked if a bat had a tail. Not knowing, I quickly googled "picture of bat" and within seconds she knew exactly what a bat looked like. She was in absolute amazement.

Isn't technology great!