Friday, October 20, 2006

Proving My Skills, Although COMPLETELY Unnecessary

Today, I accompanied Grace on her first field trip of the year, the Pumpkin Patch. Although we just visited the same pumpkin patch last weekend, I love going. There's something about it that brings back so many great memories of my childhood. Halloween is my favorite holiday mainly because it kicks off the holiday season and so many beautiful traditions we have developed over the years. I went last year on the same field trip, yet it was incredibly odd and uncomfortable. I am atleast ten years younger than every parent of a first grader. Not one parent last year really conversed with me. I tried making conversation with several of the other moms but was quickly shunned so they could speak with someone else. Although I still enjoyed the day, I spent the trip playing with and supervising a slew of kids while their parents continued to outcast me. Whether intentional or not, it was still hurtful.

This year, though, many mothers were approaching me for conversation. I'm not sure what changed between last year and this year, but apparently I'm not as heinous as they first perceived me to be. Gawd, I hate prejudice. So many of them thought I was probably a bad mom because I am a young mom. Somehow throughout her kindergarten year, I must have shown my AWESOMENESS as a mother and earned their respect. However, I should have never had to earn it because I never did anything not to deserve it. Except being ten years their junior. And I can't change that.

One mother in particular and I spent the entire field trip together seeing as our children were attached at the hip. We talked about so many things from education to house repairs. We have a lot in common and the greatest thing is that we are two of the most sarcastic (cynical) people to ever exist. It was GREAT! We totally clicked which made the trip so much more fabulous.

I'm so loveloveloving the fact that not only do I know I'm a magnificent mom, but those pre-judger mothers of last year know it, too. Now, if they don't talk to me it's because of their own insecurities rather than them thinking I suck.

Oh, and the kids had a blast, too! Motherhood just gets better everyday!