Thursday, October 19, 2006

Building Value in Education

My ten year high school reunion is coming up next year. I've had mixed emotions of whether or not I want to attend. High school was great and all, but by the time I hit my senior year I was so over the high school antics. I spent most of my time either running cross country and track or with my boyfriend whom which I anticipated spending the rest of my life with. I was seventeen, and he was my first love. I was fortunate enough to be educated at one of the best private all-girls schools in St. Louis. I adored my education and can credit several of my teachers for my professional success and love for writing. However, I don't have any contact with anyone from my graduating class.

Last Friday, my grade school (which is now Grace's grade school through a combination of four of our area grade schools, one that Chris attended as well) hosted an Alumni Wine and Cheese party. In prepartion for my ten year reunion, Chris and I decided to attend. The most unfortunate part of the entire evening was that we were two out of about twenty alums present. It was so ridiculous it was amusing. The highlight of the evening was that we conversed with the school principal who seem a little influenced by the wine. We offered our help and skills in developing the alumni association, and I believe we've convinced Chris to join me as a member of the marketing committee to increase the enrollment. I served on the marketing committee last year and basically gave up hope on ever making a change. One person on the committee was particularly bitter and hateful towards me and my ideas. Plus, no one else, including the principal, had enough kahonies to stand up to the guy. I quickly challenged his stance on the proposed plan of action. He was negative and illogical but NO ONE would back me up. After taking much abuse for the entire school year, I decided not to continue with the committee this year.

However, with Chris by my side I know I'll have support. And vice versa. Afterall, my degree is in Public Relations and Marketing. Plus, both Chris and I work in the sales aspect of Higher Education. It's not that the committee is entirely stupid, they just don't know any better. They haven't the slightest idea on how to market ANYTHING. So, we've thrown it out there. We are willing and more than capable of successfully marketing the school. I can write press releases, produce communication pieces plus implement several plans throughout the community to raise awareness of our school. Chris is just as awesome and is great in the aspects I am more intimidated by. He's such and extrovert and knows pretty much EVERYONE in our town. He can make the right connections and I can take care of the behind the scenes. It's a perfect combo.

Our first marketing meeting is next Tuesday. Unfortunately, I am unable to attend since I will be in Hannibal conducting a college fair. However, I've encouraged Chris to go. I'm both excited and nervous to find out the results. I have all the faith in the world in him and think whole heartedly we can take this school to the next level.