Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Sick as a Dog

Eva's running a fever. Alex has a runny nose. Grace is sneezing like crazy. Chris came home sick today from work because he couldn't stop throwing up. I have a combination of all of it plus a sore throat and swollen glands.

Did I mention we are leaving for the Ozarks in two days for a wedding in which Grace is the flower girl?

I cannot believe this is happening now. Not only is it bad enough that the kids aren't feeling up to par (however, not incredibly awful) but Chris is sick and he does not do sick well. I woke up this morning with all of the same symptoms as the rest of the family, yet had to go to work. I already have three visits a day scheduled for the rest of the week and have no time left in the next few months to reschedule them. Apparently when I made my schedule, I forgot to account for any illnesses. SMART!

I am suffering through the next few days trying to catch some extra zzz's whenever and wherever I can (Phillip 66 parking lot in Kingdom City, parking lot of Grace's school prior to dismissal, on the stall in the bathroom at work). Yeah, pathetic. But I have too much to do--work wise and family wise--to let this illness get the best of me. Tonight, I made Chris and myself a Hot Toddy. If that doesn't help kill the infection then at least it will numb the discomfort we feel.

Tomorrow after work I need to finish laundry, bathe the children, pack for the weekend and try to get the house straightened. We'll be leaving for the wedding (and a couple high school visits along the way) Friday morning at 6 am. I just hope that we all feel better so we can actually enjoy this weekend. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.