Monday, September 04, 2006

Pure Exhaustion

Today we returned from our two-day hiatus in podunkville Missouri. I love podunkville. It's so simple and pure and peaceful. Except for the meth labs. There are more meth labs then people in that area. We stay clear of the meth labs. My grandpa's house is several miles from the actual town, up a long gravel road and located on fifty-plus acres of land. Its beautiful and clean and the ultimate relaxation. That is if you go sans kids. Which we did not. From the time we arrived until the time we left, there was non-stop chatter. Between the kids, my sisters, our husbands/boyfriend, I don't think I found one minute of silence. Although quiet time would have been nice, I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend. The feeling I got when waking up Sunday morning was bliss. I got up, got a cup of coffee and walked outside. That was it. No plans. No rushing to get everyone ready. No house cleaning. No laundry. NOTHING! The kids played ALL DAY LONG. Between four-wheeling, swinging, tic-tack-toe, hiking and playing in the dirt everyone of the kids was content. The adults took on a washer tournament in which Chris and I almost but not quite defended our championship. We eventually lost the last game to my sister who lives in Jackson and her boyfriend. I think they cheated by making up the rules, but who's complaining. My family is very, VERY competitive. And those that have married into the family are no better. We played various games of poker in which rules were argued after every single hand. Another trait not uncommon in my family and extended family, STUBBORNESS. He reared his ugly head a boatload of times. A few times resulting in some harsh words and awkward silences. No harm no foul, though. I think everyone left after the weekend grateful for the wonderful family we have and relieved that we don't all live together. I'm sure many interesting stories were shared on the ride home.


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