Friday, September 15, 2006

A Looong Week

Oh. My. Gosh. I'm so happy it is Friday. I don't think I've been this tired since I was in my last trimester with Eva. Chris recently finished up his "busy season" last Saturday which we celebrated by a trip to the winery. More on that to come. I promise. The end of his "busy season" was much anticipated by both of us. However, it was also bittersweet. On Monday, I started my travel season. The first two days were not bad. At all. I left home around seven each of those mornings and finished my visits in enough time each day to pick up Grace from school and come home for the day. Each evening after the kids were in bed, I'd catch up on some of the work that I would have completed if I would have gone back into the office. It was actually the perfect combination of work and family.

Then came Wednesday. At five in the morning, I pulled out of our driveway. By this time I had already showered, packed, made Grace's lunch, started dinner in the crockpot, straightened the house, ran the dishwasher and put Grace's hair up for school. I had already put in a full mornings work, and it was only five o'clock. I'm not usually even out of bed by this time. Anyway, I chugged my cup of coffee before I even left St. Charles County. I still wasn't awake and had many more miles to travel before I reached my destination. Columbia, MO. Tiger Country. Home of MIZZOU (or the only University that really matters).

By two o'clock that afternoon, I had spoken to several of the counselors from my high schools trying to undo some of the damage my boss had created during his horrendous presentation of the University in which we work. (Not Mizzou). Throughout his rambling of non-sequitur gibberish I felt my body literally wanting to shrink to the size of a squirrel and bury myself far beneath our table of literature. IT WAS THAT BAD! So bad, in fact, that one of my counselors called him out on the terrible way in which he presented the college. While I was sitting there. Dying of embarrassment. But laughing hysterically inside because Mr. Incompetent is such a MORON! Needless to say, I immediately requested to give the presentation at Thursday's events. Which was flawless!

Today, Mr. Incompetent gave the information update to all of the St. Louis area counselors. It was a debacle. Not only did he chop his way through the presentation but he butchered the information. Ninety-nine percent of what he stated was false. I had to leave the room several times because I could no longer control my obsessive eye-rolling. Plus, I was dog tired. Oh, and the Associate Provost actual used the word "funest" as in "this is the funest part of my job". Just despicable.

Now, I'm heading to the rental car place to swap my Pontiac G6 for some type of an SUV. Betcha it won't be ready. Is this week over, yet?