Tuesday, September 12, 2006

First Grade Is Not Going To Be Okay... IT WILL BE GREAT!

Tonight we attended Open House at Grace's school. As I have mentioned in an early postings, I have my reservations about formalized education. I know for sure that our children will NEVER EVER EVER attend a public school for their required education. College is a different story. Partly because I work for a public institution and partly because I attended a public university. I'm very convicted on my beliefs that the public education system cannot meet the needs of my children. Since I'm their mom, I get to make the decision on where they will attend school. The public school system does not cater to the pure GENIUS level of our children nor do they uphold our beliefs. Thefore, they attend private school. I still had my reservations on whether or not formalized education was anything more than institutionalized socialization. After Open House tonight, I am confident that Grace is in the best place she can be. Right now anyway.

Chris and I were both thoroughly impressed with her first grade teacher. She also views parents as the primary educator and has set into place several techniques to keep every parent involved in their child's education. After listening to her give a detailed description of the in class activities (including computer supplements everyday), I wanted to jump from my chair and scream "YES! This is what I'm talking about!" Also, she holds the belief that learning should be FUN and presented several original, child engaging activities she would be doing in class to engage each student.

Plus, throughout the year, she is compiling "take home" workbooks covering games and lessons the students have learned this year. The intentions are for the parents to use these workbooks over the summer to futher their child's education and prepare for the second grade. How AWESOME is that!

By the end of her presentation (and the fact that she absolutely loveloveloves Grace), I wanted to give her a big fat hug. I restrained but only because I thought she'd think we were weird and I didn't want Grace to have to live up to that pressure.