Friday, August 18, 2006

Hitting the Road and Much, Much More

I have officially begun to plan our fall schedule. I know it is only a few weeks into August. Is it that crazy to think that I could tell you exactly what each one of us will be doing on say October 18th?

Because my job requires that I travel to various highschools to preach about the value of higher education, it is absolutely necessary for me to plan ahead. Although I love the flexibility that my job offers for my family and the additional income is nice, it does get a little stressful in the fall months. Conveniently, though, Chris' busiest season will be ending exactly two days before mine begins. (Side Note: We will be looking for a babysitter for one of those days. Just in case anyone's interested). I have the next three months lined out in respects to Grace's school activities, our nanny's schedule, any and all doctor appointments, Chris' work schedule and my proposed visit schedule. I am happy to announce that thus far everything has worked according to plan. Each high school that I have been lucky enough to make contact with has complied with my scheduling date and time. WOO HOO! That makes my life so much easier. However, there are those pesty schools out there that have yet to return my calls even though I left a message on MONDAY! And those schools who won't even talk to you about scheduling a visit until after such and such date. Gotta love those schools!

So far, my schedule doesn't look too bad. There are several late nights and early mornings but they do seem to alternate with late morning visits and being able to pick up Grace from school by three and then call it a day. One week in particular (the one I'm referring to as hell week) may push me to my limit. Fortunately, it is the last full week in October, and I have no visits scheduled following this week until the second week of November.

I have also decided this year to be one of the Room Parents for Grace's class. This means I get to help in the planning and implementing of all class parties, field trips, gifts and anything else that comes my way. I am really excited about doing this and have made time in my schedule to accomodate these activities. Now looking at my fall schedule, though, I am wondering if was I DRUNK when I did this.

This fall looks to be a challenge. But like I've said before, anything that comes easy isn't worth having at all.