Monday, August 15, 2011

So....Here's What You've Missed

Managing four children and one slightly crazy husband is HARD work! Then add school shopping, fall sports practices, back to school nights and the sudden death of a beloved uncle….I surprised myself that I didn’t start hitting the sauce.

Layla had her 6 week doctor appointment and checked out perfectly. She weighs 8lbs 4oz, which is still 2oz less than Grace weighed when she was born. She’s holding her head up, and I finally have seen a couple spontaneous smiles. She must have known momma was on the verge of losing it last week because she started sleeping for five consecutive hours at night.

Alex had his first soccer practice last week and then went immediately into a three day tournament that consumed most of our weekend. He’s playing on a new team this year…one that is strictly second graders as opposed to the kindergarteners and preschoolers he played with last year. He still amazes me with his love for the sport and his raw natural talent.

Grace had her first few volleyball practices as well. She, too, is on a new team this year. I am super impressed with the coaching and communication thus far. Although, I’m nervous I will get a verbal lashing from last year’s team for not rejoining, I am very happy with our decision. It was one that weighed heavily on me for several weeks.

Over the weekend, Grace spent some time with her aunt. It was so strange to not have her home for four full days, but she deserved some fun time. Even though she won’t admit it, I think she missed me. I’m glad to have her back.

School supply shopping put a huge dent in our bank account. I am really going to have to prepare better next year because I didn’t realize how expensive it is to get 3 kids ready for school. I might need a loan. I took each of the kids separately which spread out the shopping over three days. It was absolutely exhausting. By the end of the third day, I was one crisis away from having a panic attack… terrified my credit card was going to explode.

Eva seems to be in Kindergarten melt-down mode. She’s super excited about starting school but scared to leave me for so long. Over the past few days, she has literally laid on the floor kicking and screaming over the littlest things. I think the impending school days is getting to her. I know she will be fine. She knows she will be fine. Yet, she’s still scared. And I can’t blame her. Come Thursday morning, I might be the one lying on the floor kicking and screaming.

Work has been ridiculously stressful for Chris recently. He has transitioned into a new position focusing more on business development than operations. However, there is no set job description. Right now he is floundering….trying to figure out what to do when, where to focus and how to appease a boss that changes his mind more often than he changes his underwear. By the end of the week, I could see that he was starting to cycle into a manic state. When this happens, I have to start managing him like he is a child. But he’s not a child so it makes my job so much harder. He doesn’t want to be told no. He wants to go buy an I-Pad and an x-box and a car and, and, and….the list doesn’t end. He is convinced he needs, needs, needs all this stuff to do his job. His mind is consumed with self-indulgent thoughts. And if you have ever witnessed a child throwing a tantrum because they didn’t get what they wanted, multiply that by one thousand when it’s a 30-something year old man. I seriously had to put to the credit card under lock and key and monitor all of his activity over the weekend. Yesterday he started to come down from the high. I’m optimistic that the cycle has ended.

As for me, I’m not sure how I’ve managed to keep it all together. The death of my uncle is heavy in my heart and in my head. My emotions have been so up and down and I’ve lost my cool more times than I care to count. Through the grace of God, though, I’ve made it here today to write about it.

Please feel free to send wine…or whiskey. I’m not picky. ;)


Natalie said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Ha ha we'll send some wine your way...4 kids is a lot to buy for back to school! I could see how that could put a major dent in the pocket book!

Heather said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

You are a survivor so I am sure you are managing all this beautifully. I also took my three out school shopping this weekend. Yike!!! I also get the major anxiety when we start spending that much money. It is horribly expensive.

Thinking good thoughts for a better week.

RoryBore said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

if I was only closer, we'd certainly be sipping some "jack'd up" sweet tea!
Gotta take my 2 for back to school shopping next week. not looking forward to the credit card damage either. and for clothing that they will both probably grow out of by Christmas! ugh.
Hang in there sounds so trite, but it sounds like you are keeping it all together.