Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It's Like the Song that Never Ends but with Sickness Instead

So far this pregnancy, I've been plagued by a head cold, the flu, a stomach virus, allergies, the flu (because once was  not enough), and now an upper respiratory infection. And I've endured all of these with no more than some extra strength Tylenol.

I spent Mother's Day trying not to pee my pants as I hacked up a lung every 7 minutes.  In between the coughing spells was just enough time for the sneezing attacks in which my already compromised bladder did not fair well.  I contemplated just staying in the bathroom all day, yet the tile floor was too uncomfortable to get any rest. 

I was cranky and irritable and just not any fun to be around.  Every little voice, every well-intentioned hug, every whispered "I love you" made me want to bury myself further in my hole of self pity.

The only goal for the day was to make it through it without causing bodily harm to the ones who made me a mother in the first place.  I achieved that goal...barely.

This month is crammed backed with activities...as the month of May always is.  I have the power to make it enjoyable or miserable.   It should all be fun.

But I'm not feeling it.  AT. ALL.

So, I made a promise to myself.  I am devoting this week to ME!  Not because I've been the Mother of the Year and deserve it.  But because I need it.  I need to physically and mentally feel better. 

I'm not making any plans.  I'm not taking on any additional commitments.

I will slow down and breathe in the life that is going on around me. 

But, first of all, I will nap!


Shell said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I hope that you are able to rest and feel better! And yes, you deserve the me time!