Wednesday, March 30, 2011

For the Love of T. V.

After years of waiting, we finally got our wish.  No, no...we didn't win the lottery (or at least I don't think we did), or get swept away to a Hawaiian paradise. 

We got U-VERSE!

(Hold your applause, please)!

Yeah, so, that's the exciting life we live. 

For years we've dealt with the mediocre (at best) customer service with Charter just hoping one day AT&T would be in our area.

I was certain when we moved in January we'd have U-Verse (considering my parents live 2 blocks away and have it).  But, nope, it wasn't on our block...yet.

Then last week there was a knock at my door and an AT&T representative proclaiming their service is now available to us.  After tackling him in a bear hug and knocking him down our front steps, I happily signed up!

We were supposed to have our install on Monday, but due to some faulty lines it didn't actually happen until today.

But, now, after hours of hard work (for the technician...not me) we are 100% fiber optic installed!

We sat down  tonight to reprogram our DVR only to realize we couldn't remember any shows we wanted to watch. 

Today, my mission, is to find the BEST, MUST-SEE, MOST TALKED ABOUT SHOWS for my virgin DVR.

Right now, I've got Clifford the Big Red Dog....and I don't think my husband will be too pleased with my results.


What should we be watching?