Monday, March 29, 2010


Well, hello, Monday.  When did you get here?  I must say, the sunshine you brought is a nice change of pace.  Those rays of light really help lift the mood of this lazy bones mama.  Might be just what I need after this past weekend.  Maybe today will be house-cleaning Monday.  I know, it's strange to me too.  Yes, cleaning is usually the responsibility of Friday, but last week Friday took on a life of his own.  And this Friday, well, that's just too long to go with a dirty toilet.  The weekend tornado aftermath is begging to be scrubbed away.

What even happened this weekend.'s coming back to me now:

visitbrandnewdeliciousbaby, celebratebrothers21stbirthday, volunteeratschoolsponseredfishfry, takeboytofirsteversleepover, girlsnightwhiledaddyworks, sleep, pickupboyfromsleepover, rain, freezingcoldcantshakechillsthinkimgettingsick, sleep, awesomehubbymadeporkchopsandfixins, stillshivering, hotshowerbutstillcold, KCA's, MenWhoStareAtGoats, sleep, ChurchwithmongrulsforPalmSunday, birthdaypresentshoppingforLolo, socoldlipsarequivering, 2ndbdayparty, uniformsreadyforschool, AmazingRace, crablegsmmmm, sleep, and HelloMonday!

Geez, I'm tired now just from recapping.

A lot on my plate today.  Wishing I could blink and it'd be done.  :(

If I survive the Mountain O'Laundry, I'll be back with ya'll tomorrow.