Wednesday, March 31, 2010

From Clumsiness to Studliness

Coordination and grace did not bless our family, despite my oldest daughter carrying the name. Give us a frisbee and an open field, and we'll give you bloddy knees and bruised elbows.  Even knowing this, I allowed the kids to participate in organized athletics.  Heck, I even encouraged it.  This year Grace, the girl not the virtue, insisted on volleyball and basketball.  As it was her first time for both sports, I didn't hold out much hope for a superstar.  Really, I crossed my fingers and prayed she wouldn't embarass me with her clumsiness.  You know those looks that the perfect parents give you as their perfect kid plays a perfect game until your kid comes along and screws it all up.  Or....maybe that's all in my head....

I digress. 

The first basketball game of the season was a nightmare.  Apparently the gilrs on the other team were abducted by the alien globetrotters and brainwashed with professional dribbling and shooting skills.  And...they are giants! 

Since it was the first game, I tried to take it all in stride and only looked for the spaceship whenever Grace was on the court flailing her arms and running around in circles.  

After the game, I did waht any other mother would do....I went all Jillian Michaels on her arse.  Straight to the gym we went.  As I am no basketball star (suprising, right), running is what we did.  One mile on the track, 30 minutes of drills, 100 sit-ups, another mile on the track.  By the end, Grace looked at me like she wished me dead....then fell down and went to sleep. 

As the season progressed, so did she.  In the finanl game, in the final half, this happened.

Basketball Star from Renee Rodriguez on Vimeo.