Tuesday, February 23, 2010

In a "Nut" Shell

Has it really been three weeks since I last visited? Time sure does fly. Why do I feel like I am standing still then? This month is lasting f-o-r-e-v----------e---r. For the shortest month of the year, it really is dragging. Ok, for those of you who care…and for those of you who don’t but are reading just to mock me….here’s an update:

Week one of staying home. I think I could really get used to this not working thing. I have missed out on so much being in the corporate world.

Working out twice a day, every day. Take that Biggest Loser!

Dropping off and picking up my kids from school every day. Woot Woot! Mom of the year award this way!

And….getting my nieces as well….that’s right! I’m the favorite aunt.

Coupon hunting, grocery shopping on a budget, clean clothes and freshly made beds every single, gosh-darn day.

Am I amazing or what! Oh and still squeezed in two job interviews as well.

And guess what I did when I wasn’t being Wonder Woman?!?! Dying of suspense, yet? Jealous….oh I know you are.

I napped.

That’s right. At least twice a day.

And watched Teen Mom on MTV. Did you know there is actual programming on during the daytime. Me? I did not. So glad I found it.

Ahh…this is the life. I’m gonna enjoy this mini-vacay because in a week or two, I’ll be back.

Corporate America watch out!


Week two. Hmmm……I know I did something this week. Wait! Let me look at my planner.

Strange….it’s empty.

Well….uh…..Monday….I…..uh…..(think dammit)….Monday…..ummmm

So Tuesday….Tuesday I, uh…..Laundry? Yes, laundry. LOADS of it. Took all day. (Except for the napping part and the watching T.V. part). BUT! But, I figured out who the Kardashians are and am all kept up now. Whew….that was a close one. Those crazy cats need to be kept up with or I just dunno what will happen.

Wednesday….oh yes…dart night. I think I spent all day in anticipation for this night.

Thursday….ugh! Damn dart night. Damn Captain and Cokes. Bye Bye Thursday. I’ll see you next week. Back to bed for me.

Ah….Friday. Oh how I’ve longed for the weekend. It’s been a really tough week, ya know. Between the napping and the T.V. watching, whew I need some time to relax. Good thing for this snow storm that will keep us bound to the house for the next FOUR days with FOUR kids climbing the walls.

I think I might go crazy.


Week three…..well Helllooooo, Crazy! I thought you might be dropping in. How long will you be staying? Oh just a few days, why such a short visit? I see. (apparently, I don’t do Crazy as well as others).

Well thanks for visiting. I know my husband and kids sure enjoyed your company. Come back and see me real soon, now.

Wednesday….time to make some sacrifices. Lent has begun. Ah…the time of year to give of self. Good bye my good friend, Jack Daniels. Welcome home, Diet Dr. Pepper.


Week four……