Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Wedding

What a wild, crazy, busy, yet fun weekend. We left early Friday morning. Six A.M. early. That means me up at five in order to get the Trailblazer packed and the kids and hubby loaded in. About twenty minutes into our journey, the entire family was sleeping. Except for me, of course, because I was driving. After three hours we reached my first high school. Since we were early (it's that OCD tendencies of mine...I'm petrified of being late therefore leave at least a half hour earlier than what mapquest suggests and drive much faster than the supposed speed limit arriving anywhere from forty-five minutes to two hours earlier than scheduled) we stopped for breakfast. It was awesome. The entire restaurant was full of retired men and women swapping quilting and fishing stories amongst themselves. The town population is somewhere around 500 so every one knows everyone. When Chris and I strolled in with three kids in tow you would have thought by the stares that our spaceship had just landed and we were eating our own children for breakfast. We quickly sat ourselves and tried to ward off the suspicious glares radiating through our skin. When the waitress approached, we each ordered coffee and chocolate milk or the kids. Her response, "Ya'll from round her, huh?" To which Chris replied, "No, we're not. We are from St. Louis." To which she replied, "Eh, city folk. Not much city fold round her, I reckons." And walked away. QUICKLY. Like she was going to get her bullet proof vest and can of mace because Lord knows all people who live in St. Louis are muderers, rapists, muggers, car jackers or something awful like that. We quickly ate our breakfast and headed out before the steam stopped pouring off our coffee. I visited my two highschools in which I saw not one students because in the eyes of the kuntry-folk, St. Louis is the DEVIL. Oh, well, at least we're now officially on the way to the Lake.

Once we got to the resort, our plan was to check-in, unpack, grab some lunch and then utilize the several activities they provided for children entertainment (playground, swimming pools, mini-golf, an arcade, shuffleboard and bocce ball). I eagerly went to the front desk only to be informed that our room wasn't ready and wouldn't be for some time. Disappointed, we were going to leave to get lunch. Then we ran into Carl and Sue, our neighbors and the parents of the bride. We hung out in their room for about an hour while Chris worked his magic to finagle the room next to the neighbors. Once we got unpacked, we were going to get some fast food but the neighbors invited us to lunch with them. We felt bad passing on the invitation so we accepted. After another couple of hours, we returned to our room from lunch. By that time, we only had about an hour and a half to get ready for the rehearsal.

At the church, Grace did exactly as she should and looked adorable practicing for the big day. After the rehearsal, we decided to decline dinner with the wedding party. Mainly because we were the ONLY people there with small children. The majority of the wedding party were college aged kids who were very interested in getting drunk. Not that I'm dissing them. When I was their age that was one of my favorite past times. However, it just didn't seem appropriate to take kids there. We headed back to the resort and ate dinner on the pier overlooking the lake at the resort restaurant. It was a beautiful night, and we were the only ones there so the kids could run free.

The next morning, the kids awoke early as always. I joyfully got Grace and Alex dressed and took them to play mini-golf. Chris decided to hang back with Eva and work on his Fantasy Football. We only finished about 6 holes before I realized that it was getting close to the time to get Grace ready for the wedding. I decided to save some money and do Grace's hair myself instead to paying for her to go to the salon. She did great even though I have a habit of pulling her hair in order to get her head to move to the position that I need it. Not to sound too conceded, but her hair was GORGEOUS. And we both got TONS of compliments. I was so proud.

Chris dropped Grace and I off at the church around one so she'd be present for the pictures. That's also where I took advantage of the opportunity to take a whole butt load of pictures myself. I'll put those up soon. When the time came for the wedding to start, I left Grace with the other bridesmaids and wished her luck. I knew she was a little nervous, but she'd be wonderful. As she came down the isle, I started to cry. I couldn't help but think that in only a short period of time that will be her on her wedding day. As I'm wiping my eyes and trying to capture some more pictures, I notice she too is tearing up. I smiled and winked at her to let her know everything was okay and she was doing great. Instantly, she started to smile and struted her way down the rest of the aisle. I honestly believe she's the most beautiful flower girl on the earth.

At the reception, we didn't stay long. It is much harder to truly enjoy a wedding reception with three children in tow. We ate dinner, cake and let Grace dance with the wedding party. Then we made our exit. Eagerly, the kids wanted to go swimming and we figured why not. For the next several hours they splashed around in the pools. I think that was the highlight of the weekend for them.

The swimming definitely wore them out and quickly they feel asleep. Chris and I pulled our chairs out on the balcony to enjoy some drinks in the quietness of the night. Before long, though, the reception ended and the after party began on the pool deck and balcony. In a matter of seconds we were swept into the party mode although not straying far from our hotel room door. Although we like a good party, our kids are still more important. Each guest that passed by hung out with us for awhile and provided us with a different kind of adult concoction. I honestly didn't think that I had that much alcohol because it felt like a sip here and there, but it must have taken it's toll on my body. I totally paid for it the next day.

All in all, though, the wedding was beautiful, Grace was amazing and the whole weekend was AWESOME!