Monday, October 23, 2006

Red-Neck is to Hoosier as Pretentious is to Snot

In the midst of our crazy fall schedule we just endured another weekend jammed packed with events. I feet are still running although my body stopped trying to keep up hours ago. One of the many cousins I have got married on Saturday. Our relation has never been close given the fact that my dad's sister and her children are the most hoosierfied component of my immediate family. My immediate family consists of my dad and our family, my aunt the beautician/gossip-guru, my aunt the producer of the hoosier children, my uncle who had it all in life but traded it in for drugs and alcohol (He says he's recovering but I have my suspicions given the excessive sweat and blood-shot eyes), and a total of thirteen grandchildren. Of these cousins, one was in my wedding and we still remain semi-close.

Fortunately for my cousin (the bride), the realm of hoosierness expands well past her immediate family into the entire rest of my family including all of my grandfather's extended families. Although they might not be the cleanest, education or even have a full set of teeth type of people, the are the most genuinely nice people you could ever be fortunate enough to call family. To them, family is family. Nothing can break those bonds. Their love for family is almost cult like but in a friendly manner.

I attended the wedding ceremony with the three children sans Chris because of a work obligation. I was scared as all get-out to take our three small kids to a Catholic wedding ceremony by myself. Whenever all the kids attend Mass, Chris is ALWAYS with me. It's difficult to keep the small ones under control in a setting that they cannot scream, run or have any fun whatsoever. My Lord, am I grateful for the family I have. The children behaved like angels mainly because whenever they got bored, someone was there to extend their arms to hold them or make a silly face to entertain.

The reception was held at the same facility Chris and I had our reception almost four years ago. I totally expected some drunk, hillbilly action resulting in some type of argument that would most likely escalate to a full blown fight. I assumed this for two reasons a). I'm a pretentious snot and b). It's happened before. Luckily for the bride, everyone behaved themselves and left the redneck part of their personality at home. The kids and I had an AWESOME time dancing and carrying on. It's been so long since I've been dancing. Chris entertained himself like most of the other men by watching the Cardinals kick some arse on the big screen in the lobby. Of course, once the game ended Chris was ready to leave. I, not so much. So a danced a few more songs and decided that leaving was the best option. Especially considering the week of work awaiting me bright and early the next morning.