Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A Plug for Local Music

A good friend of ours is a hip-hop/rap performer. I've always struggled with explaining to people what he does. It's not a band because there are no instruments, and it's just him and one other guy spinning beats. He's not a singer because he doesn't really sing. He raps. And he's white. Kind of like Eminem. But much MUCH better. So from here on out I'll just refer to him as Sir Lesson.

Sir Lesson performs shows all around the St. Louis area and is amazing. He took second place in the Malibu's Most Wanted competition a few years ago and easily should have one if it wasn't for the "hot" girl rapper. Not only is he an accomplished artist, but MAN can he perform. Now, I'm not normally the rapper listening-toer type of gal. But I do appreciate all kinds of music. I am not partial to any particular station or genre. Just whatever sounds good. And this sounds good. But, if you're just listening to it, you are only get half the value. Watching a live performance is like being at Busch Stadium as the Cards clinch the Division Championship. It's electrifying.

Forty til Five, the "group", is performing a Halloween show in a couple of weeks at Jack Patrick's. We have a Halloween party that night with the kids at Grace's school but should be finished in plenty of time to still hit the show. Chris and I are scouting for sitter's for the kids and will hopefully have one secured by the end of the week. I'm stoked about seeing him again. It's been several months since we've been able to get to a show. Also, it's Halloween weekend. And I lovelovelove Halloween. I know we are supposed to come in costume, and I would love to oblige. But I'm struggling with coming up with a CREATIVE couple's costume for Chris and I. I considered recycling one we wore the last time we went to a Halloween party (5 years ago---yes, we need to get out more). We one first place and got tons of compliments as we sported our favorite drink, Jack Daniels (Chris) and Coca-Cola (me). However, it just didn't seem fun to sit at a bar in a big HUGE box. So, I'm searching for a more practical idea.